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curry recipes
  • Spices ground and sauces prepared daily.
  • Curry rice cooked to order, served steaming fresh.
  • Local seasonally available farm fresh ingredients.
  • Weekly produce from Western Wake Farmer's Market.
indian food
    Pick up one of our daily combo's.

    Eat-in cafeteria style.

    Build-your-own curry cooked for you in 5 minutes.

    Serving ready-to-eat special combos, curry puffs, curry rolls and salads.

indian cuisine
  • A Japanese concept, with Indian spices and a Mongolian grill serving style.
  • Martin's approach fuses authentic Indian recipes to create unique flavors.
  • An example is the Grilled Chicken that uses a yogurt marinate from the Tandoori style of cooking, fusing it with honey and curry giving a tender soft grill with a great flavor.
  • Daily specials will be included in the Tapas menu.
  • A truly unique and exciting dining experience awaits you.
indian food
    Our ingredients are boiled or steamed without sacrificing flavor.

    Mix and Match from a variety of ingredients to support a balanced diet.

    All sauces and most dishes are gluten free and prepared with No MSG.

    Very little oil is used.

    Vegans and Vegetarians have lots of choices.

Our Signature - Build-Your-Own Curry Bowl

Any way you want it, You got it!
6.45 / 7.50 with drink / Kids 3.95


- Choose any Protein and Vegetables -

Protein - Chicken, Beef , Fish, Egg and Tofu
Vegetables - Mushrooms, Chick Peas, Broccoli, Potato, Bell Peppers, Carrots and Jalapenos

- Choose a Curry Sauce -
Yellow - Sweet with a hint of curry flavors
Green - Mild and peppery with cilantro and mint.
Red - Spicy with a red peppers and tamarind.

- Choose your Favorite Side -
Lettuce Salad or Yogurt Salsa
- On a Bed of -
White aromatically flavored basmati rice

Evening Sit Down Theme Specials

Monday - Grill and Chill and Fish Fry
Tuesday - Caribbean Night and Goat Curry
Wednesday - Vegan and Local Produce Specials
Thursday - Mexican and Latin Fiesta
Friday - Grill and Chill
Saturday Night - Japanese / Grill and Chill


Puffies - sautaed curry-flavored filling in a puff pastry (chicken, egg, or vegetable)

Grill - grilled marinated skewers (chicken, beef, or vegetable)

Salad - Lettuce, Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatos with a curry mayo

Roll - curry and rice wrapped in a tortilla

Katsu - mildly flavored breaded pork


Chilled Drinks - Mango Madness $2.00

Coffee - MuddyDog Mysore blend -$2.25

Tea - royal chai- $2.25

Sodas / Ice Tea / Lemonade - $1.50

Beer - local and imported - $2.50 - $3.50

Wine - Bring your own bottle with min $20 food order