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curry recipes
  • Spices ground and sauces prepared daily.
  • Curry rice cooked to order, served steaming fresh.
  • Local seasonally available farm fresh ingredients.
  • Weekly produce from Western Wake Farmer's Market.
indian food
    Pick up one of our daily combo's.

    Eat-in cafeteria style.

    Build-your-own curry cooked for you in 5 minutes.

    Serving ready-to-eat special combos, curry puffs, curry rolls and salads.

indian cuisine
  • A Japanese concept, with Indian spices and a Mongolian grill serving style.
  • Martin's approach fuses authentic Indian recipes to create unique flavors.
  • An example is the Grilled Chicken that uses a yogurt marinate from the Tandoori style of cooking, fusing it with honey and curry giving a tender soft grill with a great flavor.
  • Daily specials will be included in the Tapas menu.
  • A truly unique and exciting dining experience awaits you.
indian food
    Our ingredients are boiled or steamed without sacrificing flavor.

    Mix and Match from a variety of ingredients to support a balanced diet.

    All sauces and most dishes are gluten free and prepared with No MSG.

    Very little oil is used.

    Vegans and Vegetarians have lots of choices.

Indian Curry FAQS

1. What makes for an Authentic Curry Recipe?
There is nothing like Curry….Take Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Tomatoes, Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, and 100 of other spices layered in some permutation and combination and you can get thousands of authentic curry recipes. Every place from India, to Jamaica, to England, to Thailand, to Japan all have their own curries. Every grandmother has her own. At Martin’s Curry Rice, we will help you create your own.
2. What is the Yellow Curry like?
The Yellow Curry is a very unique creation which has a great deal of flavor but has a very mild spicy taste to it and a healthy hint of honey. For all those who want to build up a taste for Curry this will be a good way to start. Chicken, Tofu, go great with a Yellow Curry.
3. What is the Green Curry like?
The Green Curry is mildly spicy and has a lot of flavor. It is made with black pepper, mint and cilantro. You will be smacking your lips all day long but not have to worry about having eaten something too spicy. The Green Curry goes well with Chick peas, Goat, and Beef.
4. What is the Red Curry like?
The Red Curry is the strongest of the three. It is spicy with a lot of Cayenne Peppers grown in Kashmir India. Some hard core spicy food lovers, may feel that its not as extreme as they like it..but its just the basic level ..maybe a 3 star spice level. You can always ask for it to be spiced up more. Always very good with Sea Food...

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